February 2014 Archives

FRIDAY, February 28

So for at least the next five years, pricing won’t be too high or too low, but just like Goldilocks and her porridge, just right.

THURSDAY, February 27

The US is on track to become the leading oil producer in the world…at least for a while.

WEDNESDAY, February 26

Two wild cards in the oil price puzzle are OPEC and the potential for geopolitical instability in the Middle East…but what else is new?

TUESDAY, February 25

There could be some leveling out of prices based on the production glut from some areas of the world, but that’s expected to flatten out relatively quickly.

MONDAY, February 24

2014 is expected to be a Goldilocks year in terms of oil prices, which means a level of stability and some predictability for producers in the upstream arena.

FRIDAY, February 21

Devon Energy’s capital expenditures expected to result for Eagle Ford counties like DeWitt and Lavaca are of a scale that’s almost unfathomable, especially when you consider that DeWitt County only has 20,000 citizens….

THURSDAY, February 20

The scope of Devon’s holdings in the Eagle Ford is massive, as are the projected production numbers, if all plays out the way they expect.

WEDNESDAY, February 19

Yesterday we heard that operators are looking for “proof, proof, proof.” Today, operators are also seeking focus, focus, focus, which is why there’s so much horse trading on assets, as E&P companies try to focus on what they know best.

TUESDAY, February 18

After the land grab of the past few years, companies are allowing reality to settle in, and when it comes to making money, they want their properties to “show me the money”. Companies are buying assets instead of other companies to get at leases that can be profitable.

MONDAY, February 17

Devon Energy is one of the largest US independents, one that’s leading the way to focus on oil, and focus big on the Eagle Ford.

FRIDAY, February 14

With the new drilling techniques and the drive for new finds, operators are turning to places even like Colorado in search of black gold.

THURSDAY, February 13

Nighthawk Energy is going old-school in the Spergen area of Colorado, with some impressive results.

WEDNESDAY, February 12

Another area garnering attention is the Spergen formation, about 100 miles east of Colorado Springs, where some big players are talking some big positions….with the potential promise of even more.

TUESDAY, February 11

Companies like Encana are working the San Juan Basin in New Mexico and Colorado and taking big positions on leases for big returns.

MONDAY, February 10

This time of the year, when attention is turned to Colorado by Texans, its usually about the ski slopes, not what’s under the ground. With the rebirth of some recently quiet plays, that may all change.

FRIDAY, February 7

And the Marcelles will be around for a long time, with its reserves and the economics of the play.

THURSDAY, February 6

One reason for the great operating efficiency of the Marcellus is the ability to quickly and easily move rigs to a new site via pad drilling.

WEDNESDAY, February 5

At the current higher natural gas prices, or even at much lower prices, the Marcelles is an efficient play.

TUESDAY, February 4

The Marcellus gas production today dwarfs those in other areas…even the venerable Gulf of Mexico.

MONDAY, February 3

There’s a lot of talk in Texas about big plays like the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford. But there’s another one back east with some pretty remarkable numbers.